We’re all psychic here

In today’s modern world, the word “psychic” is thrown around quite a lot and often misused. Many people who use the word are not even aware of what it truly means. When I tell people that I am psychic, the first thing they always say is, “Oh! What am I thinking?” and this promptly leads me into a brief lecture on the difference between psychic abilities, mediumship, and telepathy. I am a psychic because I can understand and interpret the energy of people, objects, or situations. I am not a telepath because I cannot hear the thoughts of people around me. I am a medium because I have learned how to command my psychic abilities in such a way that I can use them to connect with energies that do not necessarily inhabit human bodies.
We all have psychic abilities, though seldom do we act upon them. Psychic abilities are comparable to any muscle group in the human body. The more you use them, the stronger they become. The more you trust your intuition, the easier it will be for you to accurately read the energy around you. When you allow your conscious mind to recede and your subconscious to come forth, you will receive readings more clearly than if your conscious mind were filtering what is coming through. Once you have broken down the barriers that prevent you from accessing these abilities, it is difficult to ignore them. It is quite a “Pandora’s box” scenario. There are many books and other resources that provide techniques on how to gain psychic abilities, but the truth of the matter is that there is absolutely no “one-size-fits-all” method of activating your natural abilities.
Once you begin to understand how your conscience actually communicates with you, you should notice your abilities becoming more and more apparent. Because it is the term with which I am most comfortable, I will refer to the conscience as your “higher self”; the aspect of your being which retains your soul memory. Our higher selves communicate with us differently than how we communicate with each other. There is no spoken language in spirit, only the transfer of energy patterns that convey certain emotions or ideas. Spoken language is very much a human construct and something that holds us back as spiritual beings. It is restrictive, dense, and slow. Our higher selves will most likely prefer not to communicate with us in this way. This presents a challenge on both fronts, because it is what we know. When my own higher self was channeled through me for the first time, it was almost physically painful for it to try to communicate. It struggled to find adequate words to convey what it wanted to and used as little words as possible, speaking just enough to get the point across. The energy that it was radiating, however, was immense. There were so many complex emotions and ideas that it wanted to convey, but simply could not because our spoken language is so insufficient. So, how do they communicate with us, if not through spoken language? It starts with synchronicities.
Have you ever noticed that every day you look at the clock and it says 12:34? Or, more commonly, 11:11? This is just one simple example of a synchronicity, and one way that our higher selves communicate with us. It is not necessarily the time itself or even the numbers that hold significance, although I am sure they can in some situations. When we see a unique sequence of numbers in the time like this it causes us to pause, even if just for a few seconds, and appreciate it. After a couple of times, it may cause you pause a little bit longer and think, “What an interesting coincidence.” After several more occurrences, you will likely begin to think, “Okay, this can’t possibly be a coincidence.” This subtle synchronicity has captured your attention, and that is the significance of it. You will probably notice things such as this when there are important changes happening in your life or decisions that you are struggling with. Unfortunately, many people do not give these synchronicities much of a second thought. This is no fault of our own. We have been programmed to believe that nothing exists beyond our realm of physical perception and therefore we do not credit these things to anything more than coincidence.
One of the most difficult steps in activating your psychic abilities is acknowledging that things do in fact exist beyond our realm of physical perception. This requires, for many people, a rewiring of the brain. We have to override the conditioning that we have been subjected to throughout our lives. This is because once you have acknowledged that these things exist, it often brings subconscious fears to the surface and these fears make us hesitant to activate our psychic abilities. For example, if the majority of exposure you’ve had to the UFO phenomenon is “UFO Hunters” on the History Channel, you will have likely developed an inherent fear of this phenomenon. Mainstream depiction of ghosts and aliens is extremely fear-based and deliberately so. How do you keep the masses from breaking free from the elaborately constructed control paradigm? You instill in them a deep-rooted fear of anything that could lead them down a path of remembrance; remembering that we are spiritual beings having a brief human experience, remembering that we have families in the stars, and remembering that we are all intimately connected energetically to each other and to God. Overcoming this fear paradigm is essential and will feel like walls coming down in your psyche. But, once you have done this, you will be one step closer to unlocking your psychic potential. Just as the key to overcoming a behavioral problem is acknowledging that you have one, the key to accessing your psychic abilities is acknowledging that you have them.

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