Crazy Crystal Lady

I started incorporating crystals into my life almost four years ago, not long after my daughter was born. After a five-year-long battle with depression that included three different antidepressant prescriptions and two different therapists, I finally decided that it was time to find an alternative source of help before I lost myself to my mental illness for good. This was no longer only my life; it was my daughter’s life as well and she deserved a mom who didn’t spend her nights staring at a bare wall wondering how much longer I have to be stuck on this rock. Modern medicine had failed me in this respect and thus, my spiral into the world of metaphysics and holistic healing began.

Establishing a reputation as the “crazy crystal lady” was not even remotely difficult. I grew up in the conservative south where we went to church on Sundays, had a family dinner afterwards, and then lounged around the house for the remainder of the day in true Day of Rest fashion. I was always a bit of a black sheep, but for the most part I complied with traditions because family is important to me. That said, when I started to delve into metaphysics as a young adult and new mom, people noticed.

I started out at a local flea market, where there was a tiny stall selling crystals and minerals. I brought my Crystal Bible along with me for reference and probably drove the woman behind the counter mad with all of my questions. Later, the annual fair arrived and I spent the bulk of my budgeted fair money at the booth selling everything from amethyst cathedral geodes to bottled Peridot chips. I finally felt like I was in my element and I couldn’t get enough. I wanted to know everything that I could possibly learn about these lovely, natural gifts from the Earth. Today, I have more pet rocks than I can count and I absolutely adore each and every one of them. However, there were a couple of stones that had a more significant impact on my spiritual, mental, and emotional development than the others.

My first crystal love was amethyst. There is now a running joke between my mom and myself that you can never have enough amethyst, so buying another bed of it is totally justified! I have found that amethyst is one of the most common stones you will come across in crystal healing because of its relatively easy accessibility, ability to induce a very subtle and gentle awakening in the higher chakras, and its notoriety for assisting its user in overcoming addictions. It is known as the stone of sobriety; it’s a great companion for someone struggling with alcoholism. Thankfully, that is not something I have ever personally fallen victim to, but amethyst still played a big part in my healing journey. My addictions were not to substances, but to toxic people. As I started to work with my amethyst either through meditation or simply by wearing it, I gradually became more aware of the drain that certain people or situations were having on my energy. Today, I call these kinds of people “energy vampires”, but that’s another article for another day.

After a very rough couple of years spent detoxifying my already microscopic social circle, you can imagine the damage my heart had sustained. Many of the people that I had to wean out of my life were people whom I loved very much, including one person who I believe very strongly to be my twin flame. At this point, I had begun studying reiki and received my second attunement in an effort to bring myself as much emotional healing as possible. It was during this period of time that I fell head over heels for unakite, a green and pink stone composed of feldspar, quartz, and epidote that works wonders on the heart chakra. I remember sitting in my reiki master’s den one night, shadowing one of her level one reiki classes, and becoming fixated on a little unakite pyramid sitting on the shelf behind her. During an intermission in the class, I asked her if I could hold it and didn’t put it down for the rest of the night. The feeling of wholeness that I felt while holding that stone was indescribable. Since then, I’ve invested in unakite hearts, palm stones, and even a unakite pendulum. It was the perfect complement to my healing heart and I’ve often found myself compelled to give pieces of unakite from my collection to random people I encounter in my day to day life. I believe this stone is drawn to hearts that need healing and I am happy to be a medium for that.

Most recently, my spiritual and emotional growth has been supplemented by a stone called astrophyllite. This beauty’s name means “star leaf” and it’s named for its colorful iridescent streaks. The energetic effects of this stone were the most immediately obvious, yet still comfortable, that I have felt since I started working with crystals. Unlike moldavite, which has a tendency to make most (not all) of its users feel physical discomfort after prolonged exposure, I found that astrophyllite brought an incredibly gentle yet prominent change to my energy without the feeling of being overwhelmed in any way. I have been struggling for a while with the fact that I want to write for a living, but as a single mom it isn’t easy to justify the time, energy, and resources I need to spend to make my dreams come true. After a day of wearing a piece of astrophyllite as a pendant, I felt a wonderful peace wash over me. It was as if I had been bathed in positivity and light and had a brand new perspective on my situation. Holding a piece of astrophyllite, for me, is like holding a very dear friend.

Not everyone will be as sensitive to crystal energy as I am, and there are others who are even more sensitive to it than me. For me, crystals are my companions. They come into my life to assist me on my journey and will be around helping others long after I’m gone from this earth. They’ve taught me to be more attentive to nature, to feel and appreciate the energy in all things, and to bask in the little pleasures in life. The physical touch of holding a cool, smooth jasper stone in my hand is therapeutic in itself. I’ve been off of antidepressants for three years now and I have never felt so mentally, spiritually, and emotionally healthy as I am today. Holistic healing modalities are certainly no replacement for modern medicine, and I am in no way claiming that they are, but they can be wonderful supplements to it.

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